Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Old Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming. If you've never been there you're not missing out on a whole lot. It's very windy, high in elevation, and usually cold. BUT we were able to make some good memories this week in Laramie.

My ever faithful fan club. They are the best without fail. They got in Laramie at five in the morning because they hit a deer in Park City and then had to pull over for three hours as they saw a semi full of cattle catch on fire in front of them. They were right behind the semi and they saw a bunch of cattle burning and then getting shot to prevent other accidents. Needless to say it was quite the adventure and I love when they are able to come to my meets!!

Just a little pre-race chat you know

Kate Bowen got fifth place. That's what's up!

Our "cougar pose"

Very cute picture of us. We made to sure to get all our BYU symbols in this picture as well ha

Our "normal cute smiling pose"

At dinner we played this game where I had the camera and I would say something to someone and they would express what I said to them in facial expressions. Nikki had the best one by far....straight up thug. It was hilarious.

We had a lot of fun on the bus ride. Six hours there six hours home. There are no airports close to Laramie apparently

During dinner there was a shoot out where historical people shot each other and there was dying. Very confusing and interesing but exciting just the same

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jen...last Saturday

The internet has been down at my house all week. It's quite frustrating if I do say so myself. So this is why these pictures are a little late. One of my greatest most best friends Jennifer Elizabeth Welling had her 21st birthday on Saturday. We went to KNEADERS which is amazing. I'm surprised I've never been because french toast along with chocolate ice cream and mashed potatoes are my three favorite foods but seriously this place was the bomb. Magleby's has got nothing on Kneaders. So good. And of course it was great to be there with friends. Jenny is so great. She can make me laugh like no other, she's sincere, she's really motivated and driven, and she's an amazing human being.

Maddie and the pre-missionary Megan. Onward Poland!!

The Welling siblings. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to get this picture....John

Cute candy poster Maddie made. Presh

The whole clan loving our lives. Seriously hit up Kneaders. It's super good.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jayne's Thriller Dinner Theater

My sister Jayne is very talented. She is the most amazing singer I know hands down. She can dance. She can play the violin BOMB. She practically has perfect pitch and can hear a song and play it immediately in whatever key you choose and the list can go on and on. Anyways she's really amazing and yesterday I went and saw her perform in the THRILLER dinner theater at the good ol dub X. Some of the songs were sufficiently creepy and spooky but Jayne was the best one by far.

Matthew Zimmerman and Jayne. This is a picture for their future wedding video.

Jayne and some of her homies

My homies Megan and Steph who always seem to come with me to Jayne's dinner theaters. During the Backstreet Boys song we were very involved raising our hands up in the air. I think the performers really appreciated it.

Jayne and Liz Cope. They think they are good friends but really they have nothing compared to how cool and good of friends me and Liz's older brother Seth were but the Edwards Cope legend lives on.

You wouldn't believe how hard this picture was to take. The one and only COLE. Woo hoo. Jayne is going to be super embarrassed that I posted this picture but I'm pretty positive there's no way he's ever going to find this. I was going to add him on facebook but I think I embarrassed her enough by calling out his name so I could get a picture of them so I stopped myself. He's so great though. I love him and I am hoping that Jayne and him had a stellar evening at sadie's tonight even as I write on this post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A weekend for the record books

I'm going to combine this post into three great things that happened this weekend. One-I was in Indiana for a meet where we had some good fun. Two-my best friend Kelzone had her farewell so I got to see her and the Desperado Sisters were reunited once more. Three-it was my dad's birthday and we had the most amazing birthday Sunday day EVER.

BIRTHDAY: My dad loves to make bold statements about how something is the VERY BEST. We are always eating the best watermelon of the season or best steak ever or we are on the very best family vacation ever, etc. So we all wrote down 52 things that he is the very best at and put them on sticks and stuck them in this cute pumpkin. He is the very best dad EVER and that's no exaggeration.

Another one of the activities of the birthday celebration included a scavenger hunt where the last clue told us to drive down to Grandma and Grandpa's garage where mom had gotten him a pre-lit Christmas tree so instead of taking 6 hours to put up it will only take half an hour maybe. Oh what bliss. And this picture is of Vanna White I mean my mom demonstrating what is inside the box. Excellent modeling.

This is Jayne and I seeing who had the best crossed eyes on our way down to see the Christmas tree

When people say I act like my dad I consider it a HUGE compliment. He is a champ to the ultimate extreme. He's very optimistic, kind, giving, lovable, teasable and I am the LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD EVER to have him as my pops.

Everybody move slash squish in the back of the car

This picture is definitely Christmas card worthy probably.

ZONER's FAREWELL: Kelli Jean Russell, Katie Sue Brower, and I Sarah Price Edwards are the Desperado Sisters. Zoner is headed to Santiago Chile on Wednesday and she is going to be a seriously way good missionary...probably the best ever in fact. Her address was really good and President Castillo even said that he hasn't met a more prepared or better missionary. We then had some delicious Mexican food at her house after and we all got to reunite once more with one last really good LEG HUG for the memory book and promises of writing. We are going to miss her greatly.

Here is a picture of Kate and BJ. They are really quite cute together and I love being the third wheel whenever possible.

Jordy is also going on a mission to Hawaii in a few weeks and she is also a champ and will be a great missionary as well. Both by the way are going to be really cute sister missionaries as well which I told them was very important

INDIANA: Another fun trip with the homies. It was beautiful in Indiana.

Showing off our shoes during this fun little adventure we went on

I was in love with this leaf. It was incredible. I wore it in my hair the whole run. I think the size then inspired a dream where the leaves were as big as my arm...again they were incredible and I wish it was real life where we had big leaves like that.

It was Millie Rapp's birthday the day we raced and she raced baller because it was her birthday and mostly because she's great. She's our captain and she is a wonderful friend because of her true sincere kindness to everyone. Plus it was super fun to yell, "Go Millie it's your birthday you're gonna race it like it's your birthday" during her race. So worth it.

We got Panera Bread after the race and KDA really wanted to see if I could fit in the bag. Lookie here...I did.

It was so beautiful. I love Fall.

Trying to capture a new picture for Rachel's profile picture since she's had the same one since like July where she's at the beach. Maybe shoot her a text if you like this one and you think she should make it her new profile because I like it.

Just our cute family photo...we even coordinated to all wear black for a better picture.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 80th grandpa

Today is my Granpda LaVell's 80th birthday. Yes 80th. Pretty legit. Anyways last night we had a family party for him. For our present to him Jayne, Kelli, and I made him a book of ABCs of reasons why we love Grandpa and fun things he's done with us over the years like getting whatever we want in the Nike catalog, going in the parade, putting spoons on his face, playing "Nickel's Up", wearing Christmas sweaters that have Santa playing golf, etc. It was a total hit.

The attendees of the party that are cousins

Us with Grandpa and his book made with lots of love

Three generations. The best part is Grandpa would probably say that he's the tallest.

Grandma and Grandpa are a great team. Without her....who knows what the stadium would be named

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a proud sister I am

BYU football....I've grown up going to the games and I LOVE them. I love the feeling of excitement. I love that I honestly get full body chills when they play highlight pump up videos. I love the traditions. I love being able to do something fun with the family. I love that the stadium is almost named after me. I love football. And most importantly I love seeing Matthew on the sidelines because he rocks. Here are some pictures from the two home games I've been able to go to. I'm so proud of him.

After the SDSU game. What what we got a W!! I think I'm good luck because the two games I went to are the ones we won.

Jayne really wanted a picture of this.

I love my seats. 50 yard line like twenty rows up. Thanks pops.

What a good roomie and cousin

I don't think we were really allowed to walk out on the field but we just acted like we knew what we were doing and walked across instead of walking around outside

My mom snuck in a whole cake for Grandpa's 80th birthday haha so we went up during halftime and ate some. Please notice Jayne's mouth is blue because the cake had blue frosting.

Four things I like....America, BYU, football, and the mountains

Please notice the semi-creeper in the background ha

I love this picture of Jayne because it was snapped mid-laugh

My mama and me just doing something CRAZY.

Matthew and his biggest admirer our cousin Ethan after the Washington game

Again after the Washington game

Number 89 is so FLY

Matthew and I like writing little things on our arms for our games/meets and at the SDSU game he gave a little shout out to his namesake Matthew Price who is my mom's brother who died at age 3 from leukemia. Often we write CTW....Thank you Carl Barton.

Profile picture worthy