Monday, September 26, 2011

First YouTube experience

Digital Storybook

Ok so I'm in this technology in the classroom class and we had to make this digital storybook in iMovie and then post in on YouTube. I had never done any posting on YouTube and I am very proud of this. I'm actually pretty proud of my book too. College. Gotta love it. Learning so much!
The link to my YouTube (yes it sounds so official) video is above. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

London was calling and I couldn't resist

Jayne and my mom were planning on going to visit the Goldies (our amazing cousins) the week before Jayne started her senior year at the big dub X. (She's ruling the school like it's never been ruled before.) I originally thought I couldn't go because of XC camp but a few days before they left we realized I actually didn't have camp until the next week so I was able to book a ticket and tag along and it was sooooo great. Such a fun last culminating thing for summer 2011. We loved spending time with the Goldies and just participating in things soooo London aka riding double decker buses, talking in English accents, eating macaroons, going to Hyde Park, etc. Cheerio!

We climbed around 500 steps to get to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral. Was it worth it? TOTALLY.

Lots of bonding with my fellow brownie cousin. We made sure to try and match in some way everyday because we already have the brown hair going for us. Please notice the stripes. I LOVE MILLIE.

Oh just doing it how the Londoners do it and having a little lunch out on the park in these cute little chairs.

This picture was extremely hard to get because this lion is HUGE and you need some serious boosting in order to get up there so I was giving everybody pushes up and then it was only Sam and me left. We needed to bring in some extra help aka Nicole my aunt to give us both a little help. Plus this lion was extremely hot but you sacrifice for a good picture...obviously.

On top of Primrose Hill. There were a lot a lot of jumping pictures taken this trip. Every cool place we went a jumping picture was taken. I probably could have a whole post dedicated to the jumping but when you are happy being in London there's nothing you can do but take jumping for joy pictures. Sadly I had sprained my ankle and it was double its normal size so I didn't participate in any jumping photos but they all are very cute.

On top of the London Eye just getting the low down of London from our excellent tour guide Ellie.

They live on #1 Abbey Road. Yes very very cool and nobody thinks it's more cool than my dad who loves telling people they have the coolest address in the world. This famous cross walk is right outside their flat (sooo London ha) and people are out there all day taking pictures. It's great.

My mom cut both Ellie and Millie bangs. They couldn't have looked cuter and more ready for the new school year.

WOW. Stonehenge is amazing.

Trafalgar Square just outside the British Museum. Gotta love yourself some cousin love.

Just getting some ice cream after church at the famous Hyde Park Chapel. We were all suffering from some jet lag and our whole row may or may not have fallen asleep before the opening hymn even began.

Girls only. No boys allowed on this trip.

We just had to have a picture like this right? You haven't been to London if you haven't taken one of these pictures.

Just waving to the adoring public like Kate Middleton had to do in front of Buckingham Palace.

Waiting for our double decker bus. We also were able to ride the subway but there they call it the tube. St. John's Wood was our stop. Sam was a professional at getting through the lines of the tube. Seriously he was amazing!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going to the temple.....

Rachel got married on September 3, 2011. Crazy! I was so glad I flew down and got to see her on this BEAUTIFUL day. She looked gorgeous, it was a wonderful reception, the weather was perfect, the decorations were sooooo Rachel, and the bride and groom couldn't have looked happier. All in all it was a great day. I'm so happy for her. We have really been through some good times together and I can't wait to still make more memories with her (and Cam). Love.