Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Annie

Annie my older sister had her birthday three days ago and I just wanted to give her a little shout out. She's the best older sister ever! Even though we're not super close in age, she's still a great friend and example. Some of the reasons why I love her:

She's a GREAT mom. Even though she has so much to do with medical school, she still takes the time to help her girls and do fun activities with them.

Annie is really good at involving our family. They waited to give Sage her baby blessing until they were in Utah so we could all be a part of it.


Annie has a really good taste of clothes as can be seen in this picture.

We are making homemade divinity here but this picture symbolizes how Annie is resourceful. One day she got mad at Matthew and I because we said there was nothing to eat and she pulled out some frozen peas. She is able to take something and make the most of it. Plus she's fun to have around while making homemade divinity.

She is one of the best pianists I know. I love hearing her play and growing up, I always wanted to be as good as her someday.

She lets me play with her daughters endlessly.

This picture shows how she loves life. Annie is always able to find the fun in things.

Married Matt who is the bomb brother-in-law even when they love making fun of me about boys.

Our family wouldn't be the same without her. Annie-I LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

San Diego

This weekend we went to San Diego and it was beautiful! We got to go to the beach where we all got a little sunburned which is always nice and we had some good times living it up in California. Some highlights:
-Going in the freezing ocean
-Racing through a haunted house area
-Eating at Cheesecake Factory
-Being stranded to find a parking place with our race starting in 40 minutes
-Watching Cho hit another car with our rental car as she tried to parallel park
-Talking with Michaelanne and Candace on the plane rides
-All trying to decide if the man behind us in security was Elder was
-Getting HUGE ice cream cones at the beach
-Meeting girls from Biola University (they were so classy and nice)

Circle of Life tree at the tree and fun picture.

Steph, Loren, and Lindsey

Kathryn and Michaelanne in the airport on our way home

Lisa and Millie

Cho. Love her. Just chatting after the race.

I didn't get the memo but apparently it was already time to get our tan on as we were waiting for the awards ceremony

Kendy on top of a cool statue by our stuff.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cousin Love

My cousins are hilarious. I love them a lot. This past Sunday we had a family birthday party for my Grandma Barbara and it's so fun to see them. Of course we danced to "One Tribe" as always and then I took a million pictures of them doing handstands and cartwheels. I love my cousins because every time I see them, they get so excited. It's great to feel loved. Plus, it's even funner to be loved by a bunch of cuties. I love that even though I'm over ten years older than them, we can still have fun. This Summer, we all had a sleepover at their house. On my 20th birthday I was sleeping with a 4,6, and 8 year old but I can't think of a better way to spend it. Ha.



Wrestling. What dogs.

This was the best picture Beata could get of Sunny and I even though she looks semi-petrified.

Friday, September 10, 2010

XC camp

A week before school started, we went up to Park City for the annual XC camp. It was a lot of fun to bond with all the girls and get pumped for the new year ahead of us!

Some of the homies eating dinner. Eat ate well up there.
Rach 's face is very accurate in portraying how cold the river was when we were icing.

Cho found some dead birds in a Ziploc baggie for Coach's falcon that he brought up to camp. Don't be alarmed because yes she found it right next to our food in the refrigerator. Gross.

Lacey and Kate working hard on a puzzle.

The skit night is the best one. The Seniors supposedly "won" but I think it's just because they don't want everyone to be super jealous of our year because we always have bomb skits.

Lacey, Ying Yang, and Mike. Love them.

Girl talk...on the stairs.

My dinner group just cooking up some Hawaiian Haystacks I think. I had a great group...sometimes so good that I didn't even have to do anything!

We were all snuggled up reading. A few of us bought "Mockingbird" and couldn't put it down. Soooo good.