Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Math's math graduation

Matthew graduated this past weekend. He's super smart...I mean he graduated in math what more can I say? Honestly just thinking about his classes kind of stressed me out. It was fun that my family came down and we could participate in all the different graduation festivities plus we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit which was amazing. Our little Mathlete is all grown up now.

This was right before we went to a little reception for all Math majors in the Math lab. I don't want to brag or anything but I saw one of my old Math professors before Matthew even saw one of his. I took the attention for a minute. But it was fun to see all of Matthew's math homies. Plus this is a cute picture of the parents and the graduate.

Just waiting before Matthew got to walk across the stage.

Friday night after the big university thing where all the graduates go we went to Tucano's. Soooo good. Matthew got to stand up and dance for a bit with all the other graduates like it was his birthday. Our table was the only one in the whole restaurant that had a tablecloth so that was cool and we saw Jimmer and my Grandpa LaVell tried to introduce us all even though I already know him haha oh and then my mom proceeded to try to take creeper pictures with him in the background.

One of my good friends Claire Pingree's brother was also graduating so that was fun to see her. She's awesome. It was also fun because her dad and my dad were super good friends in medical school so that was a fun reunion of friends.

That's what Matthew gets for having all sisters.

A family so proud.

My mom looooves J-Dawgs so anytime she can find a way to go there she makes it happen. This is post-Carl Bloch pre-graduation ceremony. Math looked so nice in his new suit and his haircut didn't look too shabby either if I do say so myself.



Thursday, April 14, 2011

track as of late

Jenna and Jeff came and watched us in Arizona. It was sooooo fun to see them and hear Jenna SCREAMING down the home stretch. It was so nice of them to come especially because it was raining. Jenna is greatly missed.

Just the 800 crew. Cho really wanted this picture because of the Ys on the backs of our uniforms.

The family came to Stanford and it was Jayne's first time ever seeing me race track for BYU. Crazy I know. She definitely chose a good meet to come to it's so pretty there. I love my supportive family. Seriously though. (Lacey did my hair for this meet. Pretty fly)

We've had lots of luck with the weather this year with almost all of them having rain. Stanford was the worst though. The ground around us was flooding and some of the girls had to run through a monsoon I'm pretty sure. We do loooove our rain jackets though

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

couldn't be cuter if she tried

honestly...could my niece Sage's cheeks look any chubbier and could she look any cuter?

Answer: I think not.

Friday, April 1, 2011

grandpa alvin is 76

On Wednesday we had a party for my G-pa Alvin because he turned 76. It was fun to be at home and celebrate this great man who is loved by many.

This picture was taken right before our guest of honor had to leave to go to choir practice. When duty calls one must go.

I was my cousin Ethan's first piano teacher so he performed a little something something for me. He is seriously amazing! He played some Jon Schmidt song and he's in seventh grade. I think the best part about him playing the piano is the fact that he knows it's a babe magnet ha.

My mom really out did herself with this yummy fruit truffle. It was delux.


This party was so legit we even busted out our nice plates and stuff which had to be hand cleaned not just put in the dish washer and please notice who is cleaning....

Look at this precious gem we found looking through pictures. So cute right?

Put this picture up for my mom who looooves our cat. Its name used to be Wilhemina and we called it Mini but it has gained so much weight and no longer is mini so we now call her Fatti. Much more appropriate don't ya think?