Thursday, March 24, 2011

mandy's manicures

Lately I've become obsessed with painting my nails thanks to my wonderful roommate Mandy. I was so privileged to go to her salon a few sundays ago in her room where she gave me quite the manicure and for FREE! I'm so lucky I know. We are in love with O.P.I brand of polish mostly because they have amazing names for the colors. Some examples are: my chihuahua bites, berries in the canary, Cajun shrimp, and party in the cabana. Wouldn't that be a great job to decide what a nail polish will be called?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

rachel is twenty one!!

One time when I was a senior in high school I came to BYU on a recruiting trip.
While I was there I roomed with a girl named Rachel.
We became friends quite easily.
We both came to BYU and continued our friendship.
We lived together in the dream lounge sophomore year.
Now we live in the Blue House together.
She is great.
We are best friends and practically family (seriously though)
It was her birthday March 14 and we had a surprise dessert party for her.
She loved it and the party was a success.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

vegas 2011.

This weekend I went down to Vegas for the tournament. Maddie and I didn't have any tickets and didn't know how we were going to get any because they were all sold out but we had some serious faith in our cougs and we just went along for the ride. It was so much fun!

We didn't know how we were going to get into the Friday night game so as we drove there we were crossing everything we had for good luck. It paid off...we got some bomb tickets.

Such a precious picture of some of the track guys that we met up with down there. Too bad it was too late that they didn't even have the Bellagio fountains working but luckily we saw them the next night.

Maddie and I saw the WORLD'S LARGEST CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I am considering somehow getting that thing for my wedding.

Kept up the family tradition and stopped in Filmore at Larry's Drive-In for a shake on the way home. I also made everybody in our squishy car (five people all over 5'9'' in a small saab) moan as loud as we could as we passed through Mona. I think my fellow carmates were satisfied with the traditions.

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe which was really fun. I got a free glass cup and pin because I helped one of the workers by putting her hair in a pony tail in the bathroom. Yes. Random I know.

Walking around the strip at like 1 in the morning who do I run into but some of my best friends from the good ol dub X. I was so pumped to see so many of my high school's been so long!

This picture was taken at who knows what time. We were all just very tired as we waited for the other people in our group. I started to get a second wind and put out Curtis' hat to see if I could earn money through my singing or dance moves (don't worry this wasn't right on the strip because that would be scandalous) while Curtis and Nate-O were just extremely tired.

Our amazing friend Rodriguez made friends with some SDSU fans and they hooked us up with Friday night tickets and yes I got to see Jimmer score 52 points in the flesh. He was throwing it DOWN and it was way sweet to see history being made.

I realized how much I love blown glass. Ever since the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake where they had a big exhibit by Dale Chihuly I've just loved it. Anyways when we were walking around I saw this little exhibit and we got to see some AMAZING things made of glass. It was so pretty.

Yes we are so pumped to win. Also our seats weren't too shabby eh? I really liked how the Cougarettes danced to the song, "Teach Me How To Jimmer" Clever. Very clever.

Friday, March 4, 2011


The other night I heard beeping. It sounded like a fire alarm was out of batteries so I spent ten minutes upstairs trying to figure out which one was beeping by standing by one of the alarms and waiting for the beep. I came to the conclusion that it was the one by the stairs but when I took out the batteries the beeping continued. At this point I was going crazy with the constant beeping every twenty seconds. My body would wait in anticipation and tense up until I heard the beep. It was not good. We didn't have the batteries required so we decided just to cover the alarm with a towel for the night hoping no fire would occur and we could call the fire people in the morning to help us. This process took a long time and took a lot of tape.

After this tape job I could still hear the beeping just as loud so I was looking around looking around and I found our culprit. The carbon monoxide alarm wasn't even plugged into the wall because somebody needed that plug to blow dry their hair but apparently it was angry and wanted to be plugged back in. I plugged it in and pressed the button that says silence and we still kept up the towel on the ceiling for awhile just to admire our hard work and detective skills. Moral of the story: keep all alarms plugged in or they get angry and they beep and make you go crazy.