Monday, January 2, 2012

two thousand eleven

As the new year 2012 is upon us I was just thinking about how awesome last year was. I learned a lot, experienced new things, met new people, and just had a good time. Can't wait to see what else is in store because last year was the best yet and I have a hunch that this next one will be even better!!! So here is a quick glance at some of the festivities from 2011 in the life of Sarah Price Edwards.

Went up to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival.

Got really into painting my nails and got people to do it almost weekly. Thank you mother and roommate Mandy. Couldn't have fueled this obsession without you two.

Went down to the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament in Vegas for the first time. Got hooked up with some bomb tickets and even saw Jimmer break the record. Pretty cool.

Had a surprise birthday party for Rachel.

The Easter Bunny didn't disappoint and provided some goods.

The broski graduated from the home of the Cougs. So smart.

Sometimes new years bring in new things or traditions are carried on. One tradition we participated in again was going to see Jayne perform at dinner theatre. Dub X is so lucky to have her because she's the bomb.

Spent a lot of quality time with these three girls as we raced and competed together for six months all across the country including New York, Arizona, California, Washington, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

Had my fair share of shaved ice at the Hokulia shop.

Said goodbye to my wonderful Price Grandparents as they left again for another mission in Russia. They truly are inspiring and I love and miss them a lot.

Beach Road baby with the Edwards cousins.

Tried sushi for the first time and had it TWICE on two separate occasions.

The summer would be incomplete without the traditional huge 4th of July party at our house including fireworks, food, swimming, games, face paint, shirts, parade, etc. etc.

Went to Peru with my family and helped build a school in a little village 12,000 feet above sea level called Amaru. Saw Macchu Picchu. Got salmonella. Tried to send this picture in to Patagonia to see if we could get some free stuff but to no avail. Maybe the free stuff will come in the upcoming year of 2012.

Had one of my best friends Steph get married. Loved the jewels on her dress A LOT. (almost as much as I love her)

Went to watch Jayne perform in her last year of YASE camp where she got a solo in the performance. Well deserved.

McCall...need I say more than FUN? No I don't because that's exactly what it is. Loved the matching pjs this year especially.

Anyone who has been to BYU understands the glory of winning an intramural champion shirt. It's takes dedication and perseverance. Well take a little look at the shirts MB and I are wearing...yes we are the intramural flag football champions. (I even caught an interception. It was very exciting and we had to go celebrate at the Malt Shoppe)

Went to London to see the Goldies. Perfect thing to go do right before school. So happy I could tag along with Jayne and my mom.

Another best friend Sarah Marshall got married. She has been a dear friend since junior high so it was fun to see her and see her awesome sunflower bouquet :)

Really starting to feel the pressure as I went down to California to see yet another best friend Rachel get married. I really need to get on the ball! I've lived with Rachel for two years, ran endless amounts of miles together, and just been really close since our recruiting trip our senior years of high school. Love her.

Spent a lot of time in the lab in the McKay Building seeing that all our classes were in that building except one. Maddie is obviously working hard.

Was inspired by these signs outside the testing center as I went and took my first test of the semester.

Worked with these adorable first graders as I practiced teaching during what they call the "practicum" in elementary education. Loved everything about this experience including being called Ms. Edward, the one-on-one time working with struggling readers, being in the classroom, dressing up professionally, seeing the excitement when a student lost a tooth, and much much more!

No big deal but Matthew SCORED A TOUCHDOWN what what!!

Went down to Vegas to see my only girl cousin on the Edwards side Kelli (and roommate and friend) get married. So fun.

Ran cross country with the highlight being that our team made it to nationals. So great.

Went to a few bridal showers for my future sister-in-law MaryBeth.

Needless to say the blue house was looking extremely festive the last Sunday before Christmas. Love living with these girls and our pet fish Gill.

My favorite brother got MARRIED to MB. Love them. (and yes I am almost as tall as Matthew because I was wearing four inch heels. That alone is a huge accomplishment for 2011)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mb + me

My wonderful broski Matthew had a special event this past weekend and I decided it was a big enough event that I should blog about it since it's been awhile. HE GOT MARRIED TO MARYBETH!! woo hoo. It was such a wonderful weekend including the wedding dinner the night before where everybody had matching t-shirts, the temple which was very cold, and the beautiful and very fancy reception at the Capital which included a grand entrance. Overall I was so happy for them and I just love both him and MB very much.

Ethan and Boon just being cool at the reception. Doing what they do all day.

It was so fun because Becca who lives in London flew all the way out with her mom for the wedding. So great to see them. We tried to make it worth her time and give her a cute sparkly dress.

My grandparents even got to come home from their mission in Russia for some medical tests and they were here for the wedding. This was a definite highlight to see them and Nicole since it's been so long. Here's a picture of all the aunts. Love them all.

Sending MB and ME off with sparklers that lasted four minutes. Fun!

Before the reception, my mom showed us all the secret place where you can get free soda since she's a big deal down at the Capital and everybody was looooovin the unlimited amounts of Sprite.


My Edwards aunts and uncles and MaryBeth's mom MaryAnne. (Pretty much just known as the adoring fans of Matthew and MB)

My mom made these bridesmaid dresses! MB's sister Jess (second one in) made her dress which was pink (so fun!) and it had 56 yards of fabric. So many atlented seamstresses!

Flower girls. I couldn't get enough of Naomi and Sage in their fur little coats. When planning the wedding my mom just wanted SOMEBODY in fur and when Sage immediately loved her fur coat and put it on, the wedding was a success to my mom. Sage and Naomi also walked down the stairs as part of the Grand Entrance before Matthew and MB walked down and it was so cute to see them chucking their flower petals and being the BEST flower girls EVER.

Immediate families.

All the cousins singing our own rendition of "Matt's Getting Married in the Morning" at the family party the night before. The best lines of the song were: "He caught a TD, they kissed on TV." Ha and Naomi and Sage danced in front of us throughout the whole song. Very good addition I thought.

Matthew and his best friends. Loved seeing so many of them. Brought back some good memories over the years. Also everybody got matching t-shirts with words all about Matthew and MB on them. What more do you need to make it a good party?

True love.

Cousin love as we anxiously await the arrival of Matthew and MaryBeth.

The Edwards girls (minus MB but she's busy being with Matthew taking pictures etc etc)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

instragram love

I am obsessed with instagram. I realize I am definitely behind the trends now just discovering the immense fun one can have as they put new tints to pictures from your phone and looking at other pictures of people you are following but I love it. Here are some of my instagram treasures as of late.