Monday, November 29, 2010

happy thanksgiving

i'm grateful for......

-my family including Finnigan mostly because i just like seeing how much my dad loves him

-my aunts and grandma. they always make family vacations more fun.

-my cousin sunny who beat me at chess numerous times this week

-the traditional family dance party around the table and that cho got to participate in this year

-the thanksgiving sing along we have every year

-my grandma barbara because she teaches me fun things like how to make yo yos and she is very good at them while i was struggling on some

-the snowmobiles up at the cabin. it was freezing as can be seen through my grimace more than smile but we went off some sick jumps and cho tipped us every time she drove

-nature and that i live in a place where there are seasons

-my cousins and food and the fact that we had a cool table with no parents

-my parents. love them.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter

Harry Potter 7 was really great. We went Friday afternoon so there was no line and it was cheaper but yet it was close enough to the premiere that we didn't feel left out. Good move. It was very good. Megan came with us even though she literally had JUST seen it like twelve hours before but it was great. Later that day we went to my home for this fun soup party where we ate lots of soup and people brought money to donate to the food pantry. All the soups were delicious and it was just enjoyable.

Posing on the stairs. Thank you to Brett for being our photographer.

Boy do we love music. Mozart as you can see is our favorite.

Rachel's awesome cousin Suz came to the movie with us too. Megan had this great idea of the heart.

This is the BEST movie theater in Provo. It's never that busy and it's just as close as the University Mall one and we just love the Riverwoods. Oh and a movie ticket is like two dollars less than anywhere else. It's amazing hands down.

We thought we should get to the movie an hour early to wait in line but to our pleasant surprise there was hardly anybody in the theater so we roamed around the Riverwoods Mall for a bit and stopped in Modern Display where they had Christmas decorations up! All the wreaths and bells and mugs got me soooo excited to put up decorations.

Before the movie. I got some Hi-C. That drink is the definition of bomb. Look it up in the dictionary. Hi-C and milk are my favorite drinks ever. Oh and hot chocolate and chocolate milk and Crystal Light.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love my friends.

I honestly don't think my group of friends could get any better. I love them!! a lot.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

89 is so fine!

Yesterday was a big day.... Matthew played in his first ever football game!!! Whoop whoop. He played in like 13 plays I think and he did fabulously. Apparently his blocks were really good according to my pops and other family members including the legend LaVell. I made quite the scene when he went out on the field-lots of screaming and picture taking. Waiting till the fourth quarter was sooooo worth it.

This is a second row quality picture here.

Some girls from the team. We got to go down to their field and make the tunnel for the team to run through. Lots of excitement. We almost got ran over by some tuba players and we were screaming our heads off trying to give high 5s to all the players.

On the field...Playing...Doing work.

Some more of my homies before the game.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween always includes a bunch of various activities that span from the beginning of October to November. Even in my music class today we were still singing Halloween songs. I'm confused-am I supposed to be listening to Halloween music or Christmas music on Cozy 106.5? But anyways all the festivities were very fun this year. They included:

Rodriguez and I carved this amazing Texas pumpkin and when I say we I mostly I mean Rodriguez while I entertained him and played music. What a champ.

Megan and I in our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes after a dance put on by Rising Star Outreach which is the group I went to India with this Summer. It was so fun to see pictures of the kids and my friends again. I miss India a lot.

The crew that went to the Alpine Village dance party. So many priceless faces in this picture.

Nate O, Maddie, Cam, Rach, Megan, Me.....that's a good group yeah that's a good group

I went and watched Megan and Kelsi at their Halloween half-marathon. Here they are with all their friends. Such an inspiration baby....13.1 MILES

The McAdams clan plus Kelsi. Take notice of their sweet medals please. I'm glad they live in Draper now so I can see them more often.

Rachel and I trying to take a nice picture together but we couldn't stop laughing. This was around the time that we spent an hour and a half deciding what to be...and we came out on top

Lindsay and Dave aka the Flinstones. I really wanted to take a picture of them like they were going to the Sadie Hawkins dance and persuaded them that if they let me take it they would make it on the blog. Ha I love them!

Presenting the best costumes in the house-Shamu and my trainer Rachel.